founded in 1993. Impact Youth basketball tournament is run on a year-round basis, winter and summer. FREE month long basketball clinics are conducted before the beginning of each tournament.
The Impact Youth Basketball League is a community based program in Springfield Gardens Queens that was founded in the summer of 1993.  The program is for buys and girls ages 4 to 17 years old.  No experience is necessary in order to participate. 

Each weekend in June (Saturday 9am-12 noon, Sunday's 3:30-5:30PM) FREE training on the ABC's of basketball is held in the park.  This is done fo foster a better quality of play when the league begins. No registration is required in order to attend. To be clear, the month lont training is free... however, the league that begins the first week of July, is not free.  Please click on registration for prices.

Teams are formed the first week of July via an NBA type draft lottery format.  Every child that signs up will be selected on to a team must play in every game in which he, or she attends.  No outside teams are allowed. 

Full uniforms (Shorts/shirts) are given to each team member, and a 10-12 game regular season ensues.  Game times and schedules are posted online. 

Game days are normally Saturday Mornings 9am-1:00pm and Sundays...3:30pm-7:30pm.

Trades are allowed for the first 4 games.  All participating teams makes the playoffs which are held in late August.

First and second place teams are awarded trophies.  Other trophies are awarded such as Sportsmanship, MVP and the Most Improved Player.

Parents are welcome to join the fun as team General Managers or Coaches!
"We Make Memories For Kids!"
Free Training In June!
Free Training In June!
but sometimes, they make memories for us also!"